Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top 8 Places I wish I would have blogged about in Dallas...

As I was watching Anthony Bourdain today I was thinking to myself about how bad I have been about blogging...sorry I just haven't been anywhere good, or anywhere for that matter.  I do have a fridge full of good beer though so maybe I'll become a beer blogger until Sol gets here.  Anyways I was thinking about this Greek place I went to the other day here in Encinitas called Daphnee's.  It sucked.  And I thought to myself....awww man, I never blogged about Kostas in Dallas.  Then i got to thinking....what else did I forget?  The whole reason I started blogging was to let people know where the good places are, so they can check them out!  So let's see what I can remember.

Lead off hitter: Kostas Cafe on Greenville Ave. close to Lovers Lane. – Greek $-$$

Right before I moved to Dallas I went on a six week euro-trip.  On that trip I discovered how freakin' amazing Greek food is, specifically the "Gyro".  The best gyro I ever had was after a swimming at the red beach in Santorini, Greece.  It was like a taco shop but they sold gyros and they were Greek.  With that said one of the first things I found when I got to Dallas was Greek food.  On my first try I found Kostas Cafe.  As I walked in I realized how small it was.  The decor definitely reminded me of being in Greece, the pictures they had pictures were reminiscent of Santorini.  The menu was simple and it had what I was looking for.  That great Gyro in Santorini had potatoes/fries in it though I have realized most don't.  So every time I order one I get  a side of fries to stuff into my already packed gyro.  I have gotten the Gyro plate, which has all of the ingredients on the plate for you, with a side of pita so you can make your own. I have also ordered the Gyro that come already assembled, I prefer the one already assembled, but I get an extra piece of pita so I can stuff what falls out into it.  They always pack it to the max so there is plenty of everything to put into the second piece of pita you ordered becuase you were thinking ahead.  The meat is always tender and seasoned well.  The pita is always soft and fresh.  The tzatziki sauce is always so good I want more, it adds the moisture every sandwich begs for.  It is the mayo that your bologna and cheese needs.  I can't say too much more as this is all from pure memory, but this is definitely one of my top 5 places in the D.

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Second up: Nine Steakhouse in Victory Plaza   - New American $$$-$$$$

Just like it's Italian sister, Nove I think it was,Nine met its fate and closed down.  Sol and I went there and absolutely loved it.  So much so after finding out it closed down on our next trip to Vegas we went to the Palms where another "Nine" is located.  One of the best meals/ meal experiences I have ever had.  I think this was the first time I really realized that dining out could be an experience.  I remember we went out on a couple limbs on that dinner.  I think that was the first time I had tartare, and it had a fresh uncooked quail egg on top too.  I remember Sol had her Lobster Bisque that she orders whenever possible.  And it had lumps of lobster meat in the center of the bowl before the soup was poured over it French style service .  It was also the first time I ordered gnocchi and it was amazing.  I haven't found one that I liked since then.  And lastly the dessert that I will never forget, it had bread pudding which I had never tried and never wanted to.  But this was not just bread pudding, this was IT.  Krispy Creme doughnut bread pudding with a banana ice cream and I have no clue what else.  But if I would have been blogging at the time I went here for the first time it would have probably been the longest blog EVER.

3 and 4:  Del Frisco's and III Forks Steakhouses....REALLY thought I was going to have a chance at those.    Steakhouses $$$-$$$$
Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House on UrbanspoonThree Forks on Urbanspoon

5: Went to Loft 610 for restaurant week last year and it was pretty good, learned what Steak Au Poivre was...

Loft 610 on Urbanspoon

6: Babe's Chicken Dinner House – Southern $$

If you like fried chicken this is the place to be.  You have your choice of fried chicken or Chicken Fried steak.  Your sides are chosen for you  Mashed potatoes, corn and green beans. Haven't been there in a while but again if you live in Dallas and havnt been here you are crazy, this is a MUST have. Thanks to my cousin, Desi again on this one. Easily top 5 places in Dallas, I suggest going early because no matter which one you go to it'll be packed let that show you it is that good. 

Babe's Chicken Dinner House (Carrollton) on Urbanspoon

7: Breadwinners for Brunch – Casusal American Breakfast $$

Great selection, good food fun atmosphere.  Actually, again....long wait, be prepared, grab a mimosa while you're waiting.

Bread Winners Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon

8: Gloria's on Greenville!!!! – Casual Tex-Mex $-$$

Definitely shouldn't be number 8.  Probably my favorite place in Dallas.  This place was the only edible tex-mex I could find in Dallas.  They had the most popular patio I think I have ever seen; always full even when it’s too hot and too cold.  They had an “all day happy hour”, with the best margaritas in town.  Those would mess you up, my advice?  Make sure you’re not the one driving.  They served their chips with salsa and a hot black bean dip – ahhhhhmazing.  My favorite entrĂ©e: Tacos al Carbon. And lastly I do not think I will ever have a Tres Leches better than here...  They renovated recently so it’s a nice looking place and it always has a fun vibe.

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Well, that’s all folks!

Have an opinion on any of these places?  Please, leave a comment and back me up so anyone reading can give one of these a try.


  1. You'll just have to go back and visit Kenny! But you better hurry, he's looking to go somewhere else pretty soon!!

  2. You realize Daphne's is a chain restaurant right?

  3. Anyone that watches Anthiny Bordain is alright in my book ! :)