Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Yes, it might be an odd name if you're not from the south.  But That Boy Good is the name of my new favorite restaurant.  It's a "Southern BBQ Joint" where the Chef is both classically trained and learned all the family recipes.  He's making everything from scratch and this place is a shoe-in for Triple D once word gets out.

Mark and Kim are living the American Dream and just opened their own restaurant; and people are loving it.  Not only are they smoking their own pork, ribs and brisket but they're also smoking their own wings!  And Forget Franks Red Hot they're using Crystal Hot Sauce, out of Louisiana, on their Buffalo Wings.  These guys are making 2 different barbecue sauces one spicy and one sweet, both on the table in case you want more.

The great thing about That Boy Good is that they gave the market what it needed, bad.  Now if you live in San Diego you might be thinking, but we have Phil's BBQ.  No, there is no comparison, so please try TBG before you even think about comparing.  On to the food.

I have two favorite items, first, the pulled pork sandwich and the french fries.  The bun is toasted, fresh and holds up well against the moist pork.  The pork is tender and juicy, I added some spicy bbq sauce to give it a little kick though it didn't need it.  The french fries are hand cut, blanched then fried to order.  Imagine the best fries you've ever had, these are better - I promise.  There is a healthy portion on each plate so you won't need to ask for more.  The fries are crunchy but soft, salty but not too much.  As a garnish there are pickles and a slice of watermelon on every plate.

Appetizer portion of Chicken and Waffles
Next, everyones favorite, Chicken and Waffles!  Best fried chicken I've ever had, lots of seasoning and perfectly golden.  They use chicken thighs aka dark meat which = goodness.  The waffles were perfect as well, they are made fresh to order, and are soft and moist in the middle. The maple syrup they provide is top notch and not made from corn syrup. 

If you happen to have room, order dessert.  Chocolate Chip Waffle sandwich with Butter Pecan  Ice Cream.  'nuff said 

That Boy Good Southern BBQ Joint in Oceanside, CA is worth going to.  Even if you live in San Diego and don't like going north of La Jolla it's worth it. It has a unique feel that San Diego has been waiting for with great comfort food and real smoked bbq.  They have a brand new 60" tv to watch the big game on, so go for Sunday Funday or MNF.  It is, for those interested a great place to watch the New Orleans Saints, as your first beer is only $1 if you're wearing your jersey.  In all my blogs I must say this place seems to have a special place in my heart.  Maybe its because of the food maybe because there is two people living their dream and are out there making it happen.  Whatever the reason, make some time and see why they say, That Boy good!!!!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Original Pantry: A Staple in My Life

How many of you have a restaurant that you've been going to since you were a toddler? A restaurant that your parents have been going to since they were kids? Well, for me that's the Pantry. Since I was little I have always had this sense of nostalgia and I guess I get it from my Dad.

I walk into The Pantry.  The seats are the same, the smell is the same, the food is the same, some of their servers are even the same.  Perfect.  I don't know how long I've been coming here, I don't know how long my dad's been coming here and don't even know how long my grandparents have been coming here, my only answer, as long as we can remember.  They only take cash, there is a cage in front of the cashier, and when you look down, you can see 7 layers of floor that have been worn through.  The walls are an old dingy green, everything is exactly how I remember it.

We all have that restaurant that gives us a sense of nostalgia.  It has our favorite meal, it reminds us of when we were kids.  And the moment we sit down, we already know what we are going to order and our mouths start to salivate. 

For me that meal is: sourdough bread, roast beef, fried breakfast potatoes, and corn or green beans depending on what the vegetable is that day.

When you walk up to this old building you would never guess that this place in downtown LA has been here for years. There is typically a line around the building during busy periods for lunch and dinner.  They don't have a waiting list, just a line because it is first come first serve.  When you least expect it a waiter comes and tells you where to sit whether you like it or not.  They get your drink order and tell you the menu is on the wall.  It hasn't changed in years.  It is your quintessential diner with chalkboards and old signage. 

I always order the same thing unless they are out, then I proceed to cry.  But before we get to the roast beef we have the "starters".  They start everyone with coleslaw and sourdough bread.  I always push the coleslaw to the side because that's what my dad used to do (though he's changed it up on me the last few years and started to eat it, still not sure what to do about that).  The bread is amazing, always fresh and always hard not to fill up on it before the meal.  If you get breakfast which they serve all day they toast it, equally as good. 
On to the main course...

I can always see the waiter bringing the food and I smile inside.  The Roast beef is so tender you would think its pot roast.  There is a ladle of brown gravy over the top to add some salt and make it even moister (if that's even a word).  My favorite part of the meal are the potatoes.  These diced potatoes that have a thick brown crust on them, crunchy, yummy and orgasmic, yes you read that right.  I love it when the potatoes touch the gravy, its simply heaven.  Roast Beef, potatoes, and gravy the perfect bite of my life.  I wish I knew how to make them but I can't, but oh how I have tried.   I prefer the corn to the green beans because it adds a touch of sweetness to the dish.  This dish hasn't changed in years, if ever.

I will never stop going here, and I cant wait to take my kids here one day.  If you're in or around L.A, give it a try.

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Mission Brewery's Shipwrecked Double IPA

I saw this at Vons tonight and just couldn't pass it up.  That and the Dogfishhead 60 minute IPA.  But this I knew would be something special.  Mission Brewery seems to be blowing up right now.  Not only do they have cool labels but cool names for beer.  Some of my favorite beers have the best names, Raging Bitch, Dead Guy, and pretty much everything from Lagunitas.
Let's get to the beer though.  How smooth and non-bitter can a a double IPA be?  Try this one to find out.  The only other Double IPA better than this was a taste of Hangar 24's Double IPA out of Redlands, CA.   It's got that bitter flavor that us hop heads love but that drinkability that college kids enjoy on a nightly basis.  I will say though after a few sips it hits the pit of your stomach and you can feel its whopping 9.25% ABV. Its a good beer medium amber in color a bit hazy similar to an unfiltered beer but not quite.  If you're in the mood for something special pick this up at your nearest Vons. 

After one of these and a couple Dogfish heads I decided to put the pre-maid Bobili Dough I bought at the store to use.  Sure that I already had pizza sauce at home I didn't bother to buy any at the store.

To my chagrin I didn't and had to make it from scratch.  I must say I surprised myself and my wife for that matter.  It was great.  Sweet, tangy and spicy.  Can't tell you the recipe, I'm going to patent it.

For those avid  beer drinkers enjoy this Double IPA and for those novice beer drinkers don't be scared.  There is only one way to expand your palate.  Enjoy.

What have I been up to?

First off, for those of you that enjoyed reading my blogs sorry for taking a break.  And to those who got tired of me posting my links on facebook, well my momma always said if I don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it, so I will keep my mouth shut, to you all

I must admit we've had some great food over the last year or so.  But it's been very busy here around Ybarra Shores.  We had an amazing wedding in August 2011, went to Jamaica on an fantastic honeymoon and had some great Jerk Chicken (it wasn't a mean chicken just spicy).  Gone to Market restaurant in Del Mar where you never know what flavors are going to come out of that chicken, Eddie V's in Lo Jolla great seafood, and my new favorite though I'm biased, That Boy Good southern BBQ Joint in Oceanside (CHICKEN AND WAFFLES!!!).

I must admit I miss writing about my food adventures, especially looking back on some of my old blogs.  I will do my best to start again and clue some of you in on where to go here in SoCal when you're in town.  My food writing values will be continued: write about great, interesting food and negatives will be kept to a minimum (not worth my time to write about bad stuff).  See you soon.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Union Kitchen and Tap

Well if you didn't know about Union here you go.

A new place has opened up in Encinitas called Union Kitchen and Tap. And it's exactly what the doctor ordered. Their phone number: 760-230-BEER. Uhhhh Awesome? I went there 3 days after it opened to check it out and then again the next day for a tour of the menu. I have to say who ever designed/decorated this place did an amazing job. There are railroad tracks on the walls and a mural of a railroad union from circa 1920's. Tables that are on wheels and comfy barstools.
In the center of the bar there are probably 20 taps featured that will grab your attention. To the left of that is probably another 20 beers. Here's the kicker...ALL LOCAL! I'm not saying the only good beer is local but I am saying we have a lot of kick ass local beer. Hands down they have the biggest and best selection around. They did their research and picked some good beer. I had Black Market Brewing's Rye IPA, easy to drink and scrumptious. I also had Le Freak by Green Flash Brewing also great.

If beer isn't your thing...well...have no fear they also have Handcrafted Cocktails and Skinny Handcrafted cocktails (if your on a diet). I didn’t venture into them but I wouldn’t mind if I was in the mood to sip on a cocktail. The cocktail, beer, and wine list is all handwritten on a chalkboard very nicely I might say.

We went through almost every appetizer they had on their “Social Hour” menu (that’s fancy shmancy for Happy Hour). Started with a Sausage Platter, featuring Elk, yum. We also had a Proscuitto Flat bread. First Flatbread I’ve had that didn’t taste like Pizza. Over Easy Egg, Prociutto, Arugula and cheese. Heres how to eat it, break the yolk, let it run and enjoy. Everything tastes better with egg yolk in case you didn’t already know that. Next we had some steamed clams and mussels. This was very nice, although I wish there was more. The broth was amazing. This is where my memory starts to get foggy and my taste buds started to fade. We then had some Spiced Chips with a Blue Cheese Sauce and House made smoked Ketchup, not so good, hope they change this item or enhance the dips.

One last note, this place just opened, so if the service is lacking or the food isn’t quite perfect, give these guys a break, again they JUST opened. If you don’t think you can understand, wait a month then go.

After a few hours, a “few” beers and a few appetizers we went into the night with full stomachs and satisfied palates. Again Encinitas needed this. This place belongs in downtown SD, but was brought to North County, and for that I thank the owner. Theres nothing else like it around.  I would categorize this as a gastropub, if you don’t know what that is, you should visit Union and find out. Great Beer & Great Food. 

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's been a year...

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's been about a year since I started this blooging thing.  I've gone through spurts of all kinds: blogging every 2 days to none at all other months.  I have gone from loving to blog so much I couldn't eat a meal with out taking a picture to not even thinking of it.  And lastly I have gone from only thinking about eating to only thinking about working out.  I have gone through two waves of Diet/Work Out blogs and I have blogged about at least 4 states (CA, TX, NY, FL) in depth.  It's crazy when I think about the last year of my life.

I must say I am very happy with where I am.  I'm about to break into the 230's for the first time in half a decade.  My friends in Dallas never saw me the weight I am now.  I am at 40% of my goal and feeling great.  5 more pounds and i'll hit 50% of the goal.  It's taken some sweat and some determination and hard work, but i've lost 20 pounds, and that my friends, is a true milestone for me.  It's feasible I could hit my goal.  Not that I didn't think I would, but when you start, it just seems so far away.  I mean let's be honest, 50 lbs is no small goal.  That's almost 20% of my body weight from when I started!  So, the next 30 pounds...i'm gonna kick your ass!!!

On another note, I finally came up with my new blog name.  It encompasses me perfectly; pre-foodie Anthony and the New foodie Anthony.  It's been tough to blog though.  Not only have I been trying to lose weight and eat healtheir but Sol and I have been trying to save money for the wedding.  Do you know how hard it is to seek out amazing food with no money on a diet?  It's impossible.

I have a few blogs saved up, its just a matter of sitting down to write them.  Hope you all are well.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day ummm....26?

Good news everybody!  It hasn't even been a full month and I'm down 15 pounds!  4 pounds since my last weigh in day and  I'm hoping to lose another 1.5 pounds by Saturday (Weigh in Day).    I'm excited to get down to the 230's.  OInce I do that I'll be on my 4th decade.  Started in the 260's, then down to the 250's, now the 240's.  Next isthe 230's???  Wholly crapola batman!

It's ridiculous to think that I could possibly be getting impatient because progress is obvious, but i must confess I am a little impatient.  Just to see the final results.  I just want to see it all now!

I'm finally starting to notice in my clothes.  I'm noticing a bit in the mirror.  It feels good, I feel good about this.  I wish I would have done this a long time ago....but no regrets, I'll appreciate it that much more this time and hopefully I can stay at my new weight once I get there.  I have to, and I need to.  I can't wait until I write my next blog from the 230's.  I'll turn the clock back to 2005 when I do that!  Here's to '05!!