Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tip Top Meats: Known for breakfast, but only till noon?

I put Tip Top Meats on my "wish list" when I first arrived back in Southern California; I was still in heavy blogging mode and yearning for new places to try.  Being the breakfast buff that I am, TTM seemed to have a lot of clout, a very high rating on Urban Spoon.  So when my Uncle Victor asked me if I wanted to go there I was secretly kind of excited.  We decided to meet there about noon on another cloudy day in paradise.

I got there right and 12.  There was about 4 doors that I walked passed but none of them were entrances.  I finally arrived and it looked like I was in a convenience store, kind of like Kracker Barrel if you have ever been to one of those.  I weaved my way around to the "restaurant", what did I find?  A long line of people waiting to order at the counter.  "WTF?"  I thought to myself, this place better be good.  Then I noticed they were calling numbers for people to come get their own food.  Even Carl's Jr. delivers it to the table!!!

My uncle finally arrived at about ten after.  While I was waiting I noticed on the menu shown above the line of people, it stated breakfast stopped at 12:00 PM.  I broke the news...he was pretty upset.  Trying to push his luck he said he would ask anyways when we arrived at the counter.  We were next in line and I heard the people in front of us ask the same question.  The lady taking orders turned around to the kitchen window to ask the cook if he could do it.  He said he had enough left for four orders.  A glimmer of hope crept up inside me.  I saw my uncles eyes perk up and start to gleam.  Then the lady in front of us asked if they could make it 6.  They accommodated her, which meant: we were S.O.L. - crap.

I had looked ahead so I already knew I was getting the french dip, one of my go to sandwiches.  When I sat down I have to admit I noticed every one around me that ordered before noon, was eating breakfast. Was this a sign?  Unfortunately it was, not much to write about, the meat was dry, the Au jus was average.  Fries were bleh.

After finishing this unsatisfactory pile of protein and carbs - I decided something.  I would do something that I rarely do.  Something I am not known for.  Usually with me it's one strike and you're out.  But in this case, SINCE it's a breakfast place and I had lunch I'll give it another shot.  I wasn't "wow"d by the line I had to wait in, or the decor.   There was no service.  But I am intrigued, there was a line for the full hour I spent there in total.  They had to be doing something right.  Maybe they just had an off day. We all do right?


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