Thursday, May 26, 2011

Union Kitchen and Tap

Well if you didn't know about Union here you go.

A new place has opened up in Encinitas called Union Kitchen and Tap. And it's exactly what the doctor ordered. Their phone number: 760-230-BEER. Uhhhh Awesome? I went there 3 days after it opened to check it out and then again the next day for a tour of the menu. I have to say who ever designed/decorated this place did an amazing job. There are railroad tracks on the walls and a mural of a railroad union from circa 1920's. Tables that are on wheels and comfy barstools.
In the center of the bar there are probably 20 taps featured that will grab your attention. To the left of that is probably another 20 beers. Here's the kicker...ALL LOCAL! I'm not saying the only good beer is local but I am saying we have a lot of kick ass local beer. Hands down they have the biggest and best selection around. They did their research and picked some good beer. I had Black Market Brewing's Rye IPA, easy to drink and scrumptious. I also had Le Freak by Green Flash Brewing also great.

If beer isn't your thing...well...have no fear they also have Handcrafted Cocktails and Skinny Handcrafted cocktails (if your on a diet). I didn’t venture into them but I wouldn’t mind if I was in the mood to sip on a cocktail. The cocktail, beer, and wine list is all handwritten on a chalkboard very nicely I might say.

We went through almost every appetizer they had on their “Social Hour” menu (that’s fancy shmancy for Happy Hour). Started with a Sausage Platter, featuring Elk, yum. We also had a Proscuitto Flat bread. First Flatbread I’ve had that didn’t taste like Pizza. Over Easy Egg, Prociutto, Arugula and cheese. Heres how to eat it, break the yolk, let it run and enjoy. Everything tastes better with egg yolk in case you didn’t already know that. Next we had some steamed clams and mussels. This was very nice, although I wish there was more. The broth was amazing. This is where my memory starts to get foggy and my taste buds started to fade. We then had some Spiced Chips with a Blue Cheese Sauce and House made smoked Ketchup, not so good, hope they change this item or enhance the dips.

One last note, this place just opened, so if the service is lacking or the food isn’t quite perfect, give these guys a break, again they JUST opened. If you don’t think you can understand, wait a month then go.

After a few hours, a “few” beers and a few appetizers we went into the night with full stomachs and satisfied palates. Again Encinitas needed this. This place belongs in downtown SD, but was brought to North County, and for that I thank the owner. Theres nothing else like it around.  I would categorize this as a gastropub, if you don’t know what that is, you should visit Union and find out. Great Beer & Great Food. 

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