Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Yes, it might be an odd name if you're not from the south.  But That Boy Good is the name of my new favorite restaurant.  It's a "Southern BBQ Joint" where the Chef is both classically trained and learned all the family recipes.  He's making everything from scratch and this place is a shoe-in for Triple D once word gets out.

Mark and Kim are living the American Dream and just opened their own restaurant; and people are loving it.  Not only are they smoking their own pork, ribs and brisket but they're also smoking their own wings!  And Forget Franks Red Hot they're using Crystal Hot Sauce, out of Louisiana, on their Buffalo Wings.  These guys are making 2 different barbecue sauces one spicy and one sweet, both on the table in case you want more.

The great thing about That Boy Good is that they gave the market what it needed, bad.  Now if you live in San Diego you might be thinking, but we have Phil's BBQ.  No, there is no comparison, so please try TBG before you even think about comparing.  On to the food.

I have two favorite items, first, the pulled pork sandwich and the french fries.  The bun is toasted, fresh and holds up well against the moist pork.  The pork is tender and juicy, I added some spicy bbq sauce to give it a little kick though it didn't need it.  The french fries are hand cut, blanched then fried to order.  Imagine the best fries you've ever had, these are better - I promise.  There is a healthy portion on each plate so you won't need to ask for more.  The fries are crunchy but soft, salty but not too much.  As a garnish there are pickles and a slice of watermelon on every plate.

Appetizer portion of Chicken and Waffles
Next, everyones favorite, Chicken and Waffles!  Best fried chicken I've ever had, lots of seasoning and perfectly golden.  They use chicken thighs aka dark meat which = goodness.  The waffles were perfect as well, they are made fresh to order, and are soft and moist in the middle. The maple syrup they provide is top notch and not made from corn syrup. 

If you happen to have room, order dessert.  Chocolate Chip Waffle sandwich with Butter Pecan  Ice Cream.  'nuff said 

That Boy Good Southern BBQ Joint in Oceanside, CA is worth going to.  Even if you live in San Diego and don't like going north of La Jolla it's worth it. It has a unique feel that San Diego has been waiting for with great comfort food and real smoked bbq.  They have a brand new 60" tv to watch the big game on, so go for Sunday Funday or MNF.  It is, for those interested a great place to watch the New Orleans Saints, as your first beer is only $1 if you're wearing your jersey.  In all my blogs I must say this place seems to have a special place in my heart.  Maybe its because of the food maybe because there is two people living their dream and are out there making it happen.  Whatever the reason, make some time and see why they say, That Boy good!!!!

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