Thursday, March 4, 2010

NYC Part 2 of 4: John's Pizzaria "No Slices"

Day 2 of New York we new we wanted to get a good slice so we decided to ask the concierge where to go for some good pizza and he DELIVERED! Super good.

We strolled over towards time square/ broadway and walked through this hidden door into a huge restaurant with brick pizza ovens in the dining room. Looking around I could tell these were not tourists that were surrounding us but New Yorkers. Bonus points for the concierge to sending us somewhere authentic and not somewhere that was going to give him a kickback.

We decided on a classic margherita and added some pepperoni. I will throw in the fact that I ordered a root beer. Let's go to tangent-land for a minute. When I was a child, my dad used to take me to this little Italian place for pizza and he always ordered root beer, every week same thing, Large Root beer. So now when I am eating Italian or pizza (and not drinking wine) I get root beer. That is the only time I order root beer at restaurants...kinda weird right?

Time: The pizza arrived quickly since it's so thin it doesn't take long to cook. Now one might think this is an advantage over Chicago style (it takes them around 45 minutes to cook theirs), but I say that 45 minutes gives you time to get more excited and hungrier.

Presentation: The pizza arrived on a pizza stand with hand torn basil and had a great aroma radiating from it. There it was, looking at me, wanting to be folded and eaten, who was I to argue? I am a lover not a fighter so I succumbed to the demands of that wonderful thin crust, authentic, New York Style pizza.

Taste: 'Twas Everything I hoped and dreamed it would be. The sauce was tasty, it started at the front of your palate and the different flavors crept to the back, yes I am talking about pizza. It was easy to eat a few slices without getting stuffed and fun too. It was just good pizza, really good pizza. I saw this guy sitting across from us, a real new yorker he was, with his two kids; he probably stuffed 8 slices into his pie hole (is this why they call it that?). Every time I looked at him he was taking his first bite of a slice.

So the time trial goes to Chicago I don't mind waiting for a culinary experience, though there is something to be said about being able to walk up and get your NY pizza within minutes. Presentation I will say as a whole goes to NY, it seemed more authentic, hand tossed & just in the realm of what pizza was meant to be. Taste, oh the taste. NY has the raw pizza - Chicago has the experience - NY has the flavor but so does Chi-town - Deep Dish, Thin crust, Deep Dish, Thin Crust - How do I choose? I'll just take a poll: If you have had Chicago style from Chicago and NY style from NYC, what is your choice?

I have to throw our dessert in quickly. It was a homemade lemon sorbet served in a hollowed out frozen lemon. This thing was so hollowed out there was no white rind left in the lemon just yellow. Probably one of the coolest presentations ever.

I say: Great Atmosphere_Authentic_Great Pizza

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