Monday, March 1, 2010

NYC Part 1 of 4: Gottino's

Okay so my surprise dinner was canceled due to weather, we had a bit of an adventure just to get to the city, but boy was it ever worth it. Talk about a gastro-tour through New York.

The first night a friend of a friend recomennded an Italian tapas/gastropub called Gottino's, Enoteca e Sulmeria; so off we (Sol, Felipe, Alberto & I) went. The restaurant was nice and warm as opposed to the snow covered streets. It was about 6 feet wide and it had a true pub feel - but Italian if you can imagine that. It had great mood lighting, slighlty dimmed but lit well enough to see your friends, food and drink (I hate going to places where I can't see those things).

Speaking of drink, I had 2 out of their 3 specialty beers (they only had 3 and they all kicked ass). The first was a amber pale ale, from what I can remember, a bit hoppy but very flavorful. The second was a belgian white, like blue moon, but on a good way. I eventually switched to the wine Sol was drinking which was also very good and a nice compliment to the food we were ordering.

The first course was a pecorino cheese with brandied cherries on the side to balance them out. Next was a sheeps-milk cheese with a brie consistency but softer and better for that matter. Its accompaniment was a peach chutney, soooo good. At the same time we had a slow roasted baby pork served slightly chilled....yes it was as good as it sounds. And the last two things worth mentioning were a chunky walnut pesto served on a slightly toasted slice if ciabatta & a spicy red pepper cheese on crostini. I highly recommend this place, a little pricey but hey what do you expect when you're in NEW YOWK!

Great Ambiance_Great Beverages_Great Food

I apologize for not being more specific on the names and exact descriptions, I was counting on them having a menu online and they didn't!!!

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  1. the wine was amazing! Amoro Negro, and the cheese with the chutney made it even better.