Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quick Hit: Dallas Chop House

After I had the pleasure of attending an event put on by Absolut Vodka, Sol and I wanted to go somewhere else. We were decked out and ready to rock, we finally landed at the Dallas Chop House. We touched down at the bar, always one of our favorite places. The restaurant had an open kitchen feel with a glass window so you could see everything going on. Maybe the coolest part was that I could see the beef aging in a cooler. The bar area was medium sized and had a very nice looking patio that we'd like to try on our next visit.

Though we both decided to give up beer for lent I indulged, however, I must say I have had less than 6 beers in about 30 days, which is VERY impressive for me. Nothing special just a good 'ol Dos Equis.

The bartender put a wooden bowl of fresh potato chips in front of us as we scanned the menu. F.Y.I. the reason bars give you snacks to munch on, usually salty or spicy, is so you DRINK MORE. The chips were quite good, they had fresh cracked pepper on them which gave you an occasional spice and of course plenty of salt.

First course was: "Shrimp Diablo", bacon wrapped shrimp with a poblano sliver over pepper jack grits with a creole something or other sauce. Very flavorful, the bacon had a nice crunch and the shrimp was cooked perfectly. A great take on shrimp and grits, although I couldn't really taste the "diablo", personally I would have liked more of a kick - none the less I would reorder them.

Next, I tried Oysters Rockefeller, my first go at oysters...the presentation was beautiful, 4 half shells with the oyster covered in Parmesan bread crumbs over a bed of spinach and bacon bits. The shells themselves sat over a large plate of rock salt. So there I was wondering why I never gave it a try then I took a bite. The oyster tasted exactly as I always though it would, a little slimy and slightly cooked in this case. Fortunately the overall texture was masked by the slightly toasted Parmesan bread crumbs. I did have a second just in case my half shell was an aberration. It wasn't. Sol and I both looked at the the 4th one, she had already eaten one and I two. She said, "go ahead" and a sighed, "please don't make me". Lucky for me the next appetizer was the best and we had saved it for last.

"American Kobe Hot Rock" - A sizzling round river rock (7" long x 4" wide x 2" thick") with thinly sliced American Kobe and dipping sauce. I had never seen Kobe in its raw state, it was a little startling to be honest, it was probably 50/50 meet & fat, but for those of you that know Kobe that is the marvel of it. The marbling was fabulous and it was just like all of the pictures I had seen. We were instructed to dip the beef in the soy sauce then place it on the rock so that it did not stick. The second it hit the rock it sizzled loud and fast, each side only needed seconds. Then off to my mouth that was savoring the experience before me. It was as tender and flavorful as Kobe is meant to be. It was $10 per ounce for those of you wondering, we ordered two ounces and easily could have had much more. If you are in the downtown area you must stop by the Dallas Chop House for this, lots of fun if you haven't seen this presentation before.

As a last note I tried a glass of Booker's (bourbon), 126 proof pfew! A few ice cubes to cut the harshness of the alcohol. It was very good, a hint of vanilla with sort of an oak flavor. I did enjoy it and it was a nice end to a great sampling of dishes.

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