Thursday, August 5, 2010

Californa Burrito

Lately I have been avoiding fast food, its fattening and it can get expensive if you eat to much of it.  But I'm off for the next two days and I just got done working a 9 day stretch.  So I decided - I deserve a California Burrito.  And you know what?  It was gooood.

I prefer Santana's but Cotixan is closest and it does the job.  There is a few things you should know when choosing from the many taco shops in San Diego.  Here are some cardinal rules:

1) Its all about the salsa: If the salsa is no good than therefore the burrito it goes on cannot be good

2) Cheese has to be melted, part of what brings all of the ingredients together is the ooey gooey goodness that acts like glue

3) Lastly, you need a fresh, preferably home made flour tortilla

The carne asada more less usually tastes the same and the fries, yes i said fries, normally soak up all of the juices so they are soft rather than crunchy.  Not normally an ingredient, I add sour cream which melds together with the salsa to make one hell of a sauce. 

I'm really not sure what it is about this burrito that has had me salivating about the very thought of it for the last ten years.  Its just a burrito its just food.  But we all have a vice.  I got used to the cravings when I moved to Dallas since there is nothing that even resembles this over there.  Although now that i am back in So. Cal, Sol says she found a place, but I think her taste buds are a bit skewed since its been so long since shes had one.

When you first bite into it your mouth takes a moment to recognize all of the different flavors and textures.  Once it realizes that you are having an American staple, fries, inside a Mexican staple, burrito; it is utter bliss.  With every bite you find a new favorite part, until you reach the bottom of the burrito.  This is the best part.  All of the juices have flowed to the bottom.  Gravity plays an integral part in my favorite part of this burrito.  You reach the folded parts of the tortilla that have been moistened with the flavors of the carne asada, sour creme, salsa, salt from the fries and if you lucky there's some cheese down there too.  No matter how full you are you always want to eat the bottom.  You might be wondering, what if I can't finish it?  And some of you probably won't it takes practice.  What you do is you figure out when you have two or three bites left in you and those last bites you take from the bottom.  No matter how messy it gets that is what you must do.  I would not lead you in the wrong direction.

And then...its over. 


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