Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Burger Spot hits the...

Sol & I decided to take a page out of the Dallas Morning News' Best 5 burgers in Dallas article. I have to say this Leslie lady knows what she is talking about, she scored on this out of the way new burger joint.

The Burger Spot can be best described as an upscale fast food joint. There is more selection, the food is better & a little more expensive but you also get a MUCH better experience. After reading a few reviews I saw that someone had a fry sampler, so that was the first thing I ordered. Secondly, I am a sucker for chili so I ordered the Chili Burger with American cheese instead of cheddar (another one of those childhood things). The cashier recomended the mushroom swiss burger so Sol went with that. When she asked him how it was cooked (meaning temperature wise, medium, medium well, etc.), his reply: "oh we just put it on the griddle back there". hehehe he wasn't telling a joke either! Also free with the meal while you wait was popcorn; it had a very subtle spice/seasoning. Seems kinda wierd but you can't help but grab a bag off the counter.

Our fries arrived first, the guy who dropped them off said our burgers were on their way but he wanted to make sure we received our fries hot (that's good customer service). In the sampler fry basket was 1) Cajun fries that had a good kick to 'em 2) Onion rings that were battered & cooked to perfection 3) regular shoe string fries & 4) Sweet potato fries with a dusting of brown sugar (all pictured to the right in order starting from the left). Great fry basket, I would definitely go back for the sole reason that they know how to fry their food. The dipping sauces were: Blue cheese, honey mustard & a spicy ranch. All were very complimentary to each "fry". If you venture out to the Burger Spot tell them to hit you with the Fry sampler.

A couple short minutes later our burgers arrived. Yuuuuuummmmmmyyyyyy. My chili burger was amazing, it had a nice thick patty cooked medium, chili, plenty of American cheese & a soft white bun. It reminded me of the Islands pipeline burger from Mission Valley, mmmmmm. It was seriously identical, for you non-Californians this is a VERY good thing. The patty was perfectly cooked, very juicy. It was almost too much food but I managed. I admit we did leave a fair amount of fries on the plate, so go hungry. They had a lot of specialty burgers, and funnel cake fries which the owner told us we had to try. He also said their mac & cheese was an old family recipe and it was VERY good. Apparently this is family owned (all the more reason to go) and it is their first go at a burger place - not too shabby guys...in fact well done.

Awesome array of Fries_Tender Beef_Party in your mouth

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