Friday, April 16, 2010

Snuffer's Cheeeeeese Fries

First off THANK YOU, Tony for pointing me and Ken in the right direction.  After another round of golf and one of the funniest moments of my life(See Ken's Wall on FB), lunch needed to be had.  I checked Yelp on my phone to see what was near...nothing.  Ken's been wanting to go to Snuffer's where one of our co-workers (Tony) told us to go for some good cheese fries.  And since my feeling is that anything with cheese is good, I agreed.  It was on Greenville Ave one of my favorite streets in Dallas so there was a positive already.

We took a seat on the patio since it was a gorgeous day out.  Ken took it upon himself to order our appetizer without asking me what I wanted (not that I cared), he likes to feel like the man in the relationship.  He ordered a large cheese fries with "everything", that being bacon bits, chives & jalapenos.  Since that is the reason we went, I didn't feel the need to challenge his masculinity.  Not that day anyways...hehe

Our server was so-so but there was probably about 3 other servers that passed our table that kept checking on us and offering assistance.  This is probably what will have me back there next time I want something greasy.  Great teamwork.

It arrived and my eyes widened.  There was an imaginary halo guarding it as if it was sacred.  Just look it, doesn't it look amazing.  Artery clogging, heart-attack giving cheeeeeeese fries!  They were as good as they look.  Every fry that was removed from the pile had a string of cheese trying to keep it attached like an umbilical cord (not a good food reference huh?).  The fries were cooked well, and the plate was still hot.  A challenge that some cheese fry makers around the country have is they let the order sit in the window.  Cheese fries must be consumed instantly!  I used to work at a place that had AWESOME, cheddar fries, CCFF for you Islands readers.  We both stopped after some good bites to save room for our entrees.

I ordered a Chicken Breast sandwich on a poppy seed bun with Swiss n Cheddar Cheese & bacon.  The chicken was tender and the flavors melded well together.  Nothing out of this world but it was what I was expecting. Good bar food.

My only "do better's" for the fries were: 86 the jalapenos not a good combo, its not Nacho cheese. And if I was making them at home I would layer the bacon & chive on the entire dish that way you get a bite of all the toppings instead of just that row of flavor.  Definitely worth the trip if you are a cheddar fry connoisseur.


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