Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wings & Beer go together like Peanut Butter & Jelly

Last night Sol and I went to Frankie's Sports Bar on McKinney Ave. to watch the Lakers handle the OKC Thunder.  I wish I could say I found a hidden gem but almost everyone knows Frankie's is one of the best places in the city to go watch the big game. 

As we walked in we had a stroke of luck; some people got up from some premium seats at the bar the moment we walked in (best in the place if you want my opinion).  We took our seats in the middle of the bar directly in front of  the 60" plasma..... ahahhahhahhaa (imagine homer simpson).  Right below it:  about 20 handles ready to pour the beer of my choice. 

Since I was in the mood for beer this was perfect.  I was especially excited because we just added some taps at work.  One of them being Haywire Hefewiezen by Pyramid Brewing out of Seattle.  The first thing I ordered?  The Pyramid Hef.  It was at that moment that I knew I'd be sipping on multiple brews that night.  To make the night better it was free pizza night  from 5-10pm.  I wasn't very hungry but the bartender offered, it would be rude to refue right?  I'm not going to lie it wasn't the greatest but what do you expect for free?  It had cheese, sauce and crust - all the necessary items to call it a pizza.

By this time the Lakers were up about 10 points. Thinking of home I ordered a Newcastle.  It's so popular over in So Cal but not so much over here in the Big D.  It was good but not tasty enough for me.  I decided to move on to Stone IPA a California brew.  Ahhhhhh now that's what i'd been looking for, nice and hoppy but a lot lighter in color than I remember/thought.  It was still very good.  I plan on bringing this one on as at work as well. 

The Sierra Nevada had been staring me down jealous, I hadn't uttered his name since I left cali and now I was trying all these "other" beers.  I gave in and ordered a trusty Sierra, one can never go wrong.  Then  Boddington's Pub Ale caught my eye.  It was sitting in the cooler next to various other bottled beer that a 5-year old could recognize.  I asked Emmit, a soccer friend of Sol's, if he'd heard of it since he's from Ireland and I figured it was from one of those European islands (UK/Ireland).  He did, he said it was creamy, which I don't like, and it had a nitrogen ball like Guinness, which I don't like.  So you are probably wondering if I ordered it, yes I did.  It poured probably about an inch to two inch head and it was creamy, and it did have a nitrogen ball.  It didn't taste like any ale I had tasted before.  And it was nothing like what I had been drinking that night so you can imagine what my stomach was starting to do.  Churrrrrning and turning and begging me to stop drinking this beer that I was dead set on tasting.  Then I told it to shut up because I don't waste beer. 

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Frankie's that night and frankly (get it?) why we go there every time, is the Walter Payton's "Sweetness" Wings.  Geeeesus they are so good!  They are similar to a sweet-chili sauce but with a slight variation.  I was too buzzed at the time to even think about taking a picture of them, but really?  Wings more less look the same.  These were crispy but juicy, just like they are every time.  I am happy to say back in december I took a bar connoisseur there for the first time and had him try these wings.  Mr. Jeff Gibson said they are the best in Dallas, you heard it here.  Best in Dallas from someone who knows his bars.  There you have it, now GO GET SOME!

Great Beer Selection_Sweetness_60" Screen

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