Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cowboy Chow

We've been meaning to go to Cowboy Chow for a while now.  It's right here in Deep Ellum next to us but for some reason we always either forget about it or just miss them.  With my mom in town we wanted a quick bite to eat and went on over.  It's right in a good little area of DE across from Angry Dog & Baker's Ribs.  All kinds of goodness within a block of one another.  From the outside of Cowboy Chow you can see what looks like an old saloon, with rocking chairs lining the outside.

As we walked in the decor was perfect.  I personally think they nailed it, the western theme was great.  Pictures of buffalo, cowboys, old signage, wooden booths and waggon wheels too.  After perusing the menu I felt like I was getting ready to eat something the cowboys really used to eat, it was probably the photos on the walls.  I'm not making this up for the sake of blogging either. 

They had kind of a "serve yourself attitude" even though it was a normal sit down restaurant.  It was kinda cool actually, it was different.  It was the complete opposite of what Ocean Prime was the night before.  Sol and I ordered "Mexican Coke".  For those of you that don't know that means it comes in a glass bottle, is slightly sweeter and the label is all in Spanish, it's all the rage these days, lol.  Click on the link for Mexican Coke, I found a pretty good blog on the difference.  Back to the Chow, the server dropped the Cokes off at the table with the cap on and said, "There's a bottle opener at the end of the table".  My Mom ordered iced tea and it was served in a carafe that held probably two to three refills.   The server took a glass off the stack that was pre-set at the end of the table and gave it to her.  The silverware was in a glass jar that had 6 settings inside that was also pre-set on the table.  Most places will roll silverware, here they just roll a napkin and give it to you.  Enough about the lunch-ware. 

I ordered a Brisket Sloppy Joe w/ homemade potato chips.  It was severed on a Jalapeno butter bun that held up nicely against the moisture of the "Joe".  I wasn't sure how they were going to make brisket taste like sloppy joe but I went for it anyway.  They succeeded without over doing the flavor, they didn't try too hard, in a good way.  There was more than a hint of flavor and it was very hearty.  I'll tell you one thing they got the sloppy part down.  Once I picked it up I feared putting it down for the fact that it might fall apart.  So I ate it with my right hand and ate the potato chips with my left hand.  The chips were actually very good, thick with a Cajun salt dusting.  Fresh and crunchy and almost healthy tasting.  Is that possible?  Healthy potato chips?

My mom ordered the Brisket Tacos, something I urged her to try since I think it is a Texas/Dallas "dish".  It's the perfect fusion between Texas (brisket) & Mexican(tacos) hence Tex-Mex.  She went for it, and loved it!  The Lone Star Brisket Tacos had beer braised brisket w/ cheddar and Jack cheese, cowboy pico, sliced avocado & lime cream sauce.  It also had black beans and rice that were strategically placed at the bottom of the miners pan that it was served on.  By miners pan I mean what they used to pan for gold with during the Gold Rush.  Why do I say the rice was strategically placed?  Because all the drippings fell right onto it enhancing the flavor. Sol ordered some ribs and mashed potatoes that she said were very tender.  After a few minutes I looked over and the meat was clean off the bones and they were sitting on a plate, empty.  So I'm guessing they were good.

After all was said and done I asked for some water.  To my surprise the server dropped off a large glass reusable bottle of water; then she gave me a glass so I could pour it myself. 

Overall I liked it.  I would go back.  It was different, it was original and it was good.  I thought that Cowboy Chow was a different kind of place and if you're up for something different and quick - go giver 'er a try.

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