Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Farewell to Dallas: Twisted Root Burger Co.

In the Deep Ellum district of downtown Dallas there is a burger place called, Twisted Root Burger Co.  I am not the first to write about it and I definitely will not be the last.  Even Guy Fieri found this place before I did.  None the less it is worth putting out there for the less fortunate whom have not tasted a burger from this establishment.

Sol and I decided to go grab a quick bite before golf and since TRBC is right around the corner we agreed on it.  On this particular day we decided to split one, I know, totally not my style but I didn't wanna get full before slappin' that tiny white ball around.  It's hard enough to get in the hole as it is.  We went with the Peppercorn Ranch & bacon Burger and added a slice of American Cheese.  They have many different flavor combonations when it comes to their burgers including: "Chipotle, Guac & Cheddar Burger w/ Fried Onions" and a "Western Burger: Pepperjack, Bacon, Jalepeño & a Big, Fat Onion Ring".   The menu is written in chalk above the counter so you can check out your many choices before placing your order.  After ordering they give you a little card with a name on it so they can call you when your order is ready.  On this particular day we happened to be Conan the Destroyer.  I have also been He-Man and the Knight Rider before.  As we walked over to the soda machine to see what their homemade root beer of the day was the aroma of the kitchen filled my nostrils.  It was butter pecan root beer, I decided to pass and went with Coke Zero...don't say a word, Sol had the Watermelon Sweet Tea, tasty.  We went and sat at one of their high-boys (tall bar table) and awaited to hear our name, "Conan the Destroyer!"

I darted over to the counter with my mouth watering, it'd been a while since I'd had one so I was a little over excited.  I cut it in half and opened the bun to put some of their home made "Quincy's Grandpa's SECRET BBQ Sauce".  It already had a good helping of ranch so between the two moisturizers my burger was ready to be consumed.  I squeezed some of their homemade "Ancho Chipotle Ketchup" on the side for our curly fries.  Always enjoyable.  They also serve home made "Horseradish Dijon"  instead of table mustard, I'm not much for mustard so I din't touch it, but it's still cool that they make and package those 3 condiments for every table.  The burger was juicy and it had a nice sear on either side.  The bread was good and soft and the bacon was flavorful and crunchy.  The ranch was perfect and the cheese to patty ratio couldn't have been better.  What a great burger.  The curly fries were also very good, cooked to a nice crisp and seasoned so that they did not need any salt.  I have nothing but good things to say about TRBC.  They have a flavor and an attitude about them and they fit right into Deep Ellum.  They have four locations in and around Dallas, but don't let that keep you away.  They are just that good. 

Dallas restaurants have a different dynamic.  They can grow their business without loosing that small hole in the wall feel.  They're not chains and they don't sell out, they're just business savvy and they know when they have a good product.   Just because a place has more than one location doesn't mean you should stereotype it as a chain - I am guilty of this sometimes.  Take In-N-Out for instance.  They are coming to Dallas and they are going to build a meat production factory here so they stay true to themselves which means never freezing their meat.  I just spelled meat like meet twice in a row and had to go back and change it, anyways. 

So Dallas, I leave you with this - support your local business'.  Support the small hole in the walls, support "mom and pop places", stay away from the  chains.  Go to the Farmers Market avoid the Tom Thumb.  If you do these things you will be able to try something different, something fresher, usually something better and for sure something fun.

For those that don't know:   I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali....I am transferring out to Carlsbad, CA where I will continue to write, so that when you come visit, you can say - "Anthony I want to go to Santana's so I can get one of those California Burritos!"

Adios Dallas, it's been swell.

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  1. Can I get my California Burrito without French fries?

  2. No Josh - you will sit there and eat it the way I tell you to eat it...