Saturday, May 15, 2010

Slider Saturday

As I had hoped for Sol and I made it over to The Place at Perry's for "Slider Saturday".  I had to get up early, 11:30 a.m., and do my Insanity (I borrowed it, didn't pay for it) workout before we went but I got it done.  We walked up and in, it looked a bit older which I found interesting because I thought it was a newer establishment (turns out they just had to change the name because "Perry's Steakhouse" from Houston came into town and their name is trademarked nationwide and this Perry's was only "trademarked" in Dallas County - or something like that).  We strolled in the door and the greeter asked us if we were there for Slider Saturday and we nodded our heads.  We had the option of chowin' down in the dining room or the bar...yes we picked the bar.  There was some nice sized TV's in there and I wanted to check out their layout.

On draft, they had Stella and Brooklyn Lager, both good beers but I was surprised they only had two on draught.  I must say they were intriguing due to the base of them being covered in about an inch thick ice all around.  They had a ton of liquor probably almost anything you could ask for.  The bartender gave us a menu and we started perusing.  While we looked Sol ordered a Bloody Mary, I was jealous since I'm not drinking until next Thursday when I get to Miami.  But I had a taste: the vodka was infused with various peppers, olives and sun dried tomatoes.  The show piece for this was a sight to see, a large infusion jar layered with different reds, greens, and yellows.  The flavor was sweet from the sun dried tomaters but had a little bite from the peppers.  Very nicely done.

I thought trying to enjoy food inconjunction with trying to eat healthy might be a challenge, and it really is because I am not necessarily ordering what I normally would.  I guess that's a good thing.  But I'm determined to find things that taste good but aren't terrible for you.  With that being said we ordered the lesser of the evils on the menu.

Coincidentally Sol and I were looking at the exact two menu items so we went forth and ordered the: BLT (A) a stands for avocado & the Crab Sliders with lumps of crab, REAL crab...I think.  We had a choice of fries, onion rings and salad.  Since both sets of sliders came with lettuce and tomato anyways we had one with fries the other with onion rings.  Is that a good enough excuse?
In case you haven't guessed yet we each had one.  I started with the crab.  I am quite sure it was real crab and not imitation.  You know what they say, if it looks like crab, tastes like crab, and smells like crab, then it's crab!  It was soft, juicy and quite tasty.  It was lightly dressed by no means did the dressing it was tossed in over power the flavor, it enhanced it.  There was no mayo, mustard or "special sauce" - it didn't need it either. 

Next was the BLT (A)vocado:  At first glimpse I noticed they only put two sliced of bacon, I thought that was kind of chincy (chin-seeey).  But I broke it up and fit it on the slider.  I cut up the avocado and spread it on the bun then "crunch!".  Very niiiiice.....light, flavorful and simple.  No dog and pony show just a classic sandwich.
  The fries were very pedestrian but good. The onion rings were huge, the onion it self wasn't that good but the batter was crispy, soft and tasty.  The bun was the same on both sets of sliders and probably on all of the sliders for that matter.  Definitely not a bad thing, they were lightly toasted, soft and came out warm - perfect one might say.  Admittedly, I felt a little guilty eating so much bread...isn't that sad?  The truth is it's a good thing because that means my head is right for this losing weight thing I'm trying to partake in.  It was a good lunch and it was fun.  Not too pricey either, I think we got out of there for $28 - two entrees, a cocktail and an OJ.

For those that didn't read my other blog where I described "Slider Saturdays" it's basically a fine dining that turns casual on Saturdays.  You can wear whatever you want, they have a special menu and serve  $2 bottled beer and $10 bottomless mimosas.  They are targeting the "uptown crowd" that likes to hang out during the day.  If you don't know what that means, drive up McKinney Ave around 230 in the afternoon on a Saturday - you'll see.  The patios are packed.

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